What value do you want your customers to recieve?

Products and Services Perception

How Will People Perceive Your Products and/or Services?

Do you want your customers to perceive your products and/or services as affordable, value for money, high quality or exclusive?

The Affordable Appeal

A website that uses the affordable appeal will focus on discounts and price cuts. This type of web design will often appeal to buyers looking for a bargain. The down side with this strategy is that it may devalue your products and/or services in the long term as people will always expect a cheap price.

The Value For Money Appeal

The value for money appeal is utilised by adding value to the products and/or services to entice the buyer. For example;

This Weekend Only: BUY this Holden Cruze and receive 12 months free fuel.

This approach retains the value of the product and adds further value by generating a desire to buy the product this weekend.

The High Quality Appeal

A website, which makes use of the “quality” appeal, aims to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers that the goods and services on offer are of a higher quality than they can find elsewhere. This is achieved through the visual appeal, focus on performance and the information provided. Generally no offers or discounts are included.

The Exclusive Appeal

Websites that are designed to appeal to the high end customer, emphasise the expensive nature of the products and services. These sites make use of visual appeal and do not show prices. If the site looks a million dollars it creates the impression that the goods and services are exclusive and prestigious.