Forklift Deals

Forklift Deals

Forklift Deals,, was a test site which, due to a commitment to other projects, we outsourced to a website designer to create a product directory for the forklift industry.

Later we found that the cheap website designer had outsourced to someone else. This was the first site we trialed in the language of php.

On the backend, it was coded so badly, that it kept breaking and Google struggled to index it. However, on the front end it had some very good elements that we were very happy with.

The site has since been taken offline. Forklift Deals was launched in 2011 and taught us two important lessons that have benefited our business:

  1. Don’t use any website company that outsources their website design to other website designers.
  2. What looks great visually (on the frontend) may be a mess on the backend.

We have relinquished the domain name and we would not recommend anyone to use that domain name again as it may be penalised by Google.