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Big Ears Free Industry Quoting Service

The website was first launched in March 2007 as a directory for pallets, crates and boxes. On launching, it was given a page rank 4 from Google and quickly went to the top of the organic listings for product searches. Listings were sold to businesses in the industry with an exclusivity model which stipulated that we could only include one competitor on the site for the products sold or the services provided by each advertiser.

In order to measure the results of the Big Ears website we placed a 1300 number on each page. This allowed the user to contact us directly and we then passed this information to our listed clients. This was the birth of our quoting service.

As the pallets, crates and boxes categories quickly filled, we expanded to other pallet related products by following the logistics chain. Pallet jacks are needed to lift the pallet so we added handling equipment. Forklifts are required to load the palletised products onto trucks so we added a forklift category. When we looked at what went on the pallet,  we determined that business would need cardboard boxes to put their products in, pallet wrap to hold the product in place, adhesive tapes or packing tapes to seal the cardboard boxes and hence our packaging category was added.

By the end of 2007 our business had evolved to providing a free quoting service for warehouse supplies. Due to SEO (Google algorithm manipulation techniques) Big Ears Free Industry Quoting Service was the leader in its industry and still is today as we are no longer completely reliant on Google Search.

Big Ears Free Industry Quoting Service was given a facelift in early 2015 as branding has now become a number one priority for the business.