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Marketing Services Hunter Valley

Marketing Services Hunter Valley, by Cessnock marketing company, Big Ears Media Group, provide specialised advertising and marketing services in the areas of:
  • Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Development
  • Programming
  • Deployment
  • Management
  • Fulfillment Reporting for Interactive Advertising (Internet), Print Advertising and Radio Advertising.

Interactive Advertising

Internet Advertising, or interactive advertising, often referred to as Digital Space, focuses on Digital Lead Generation, Digital Brand Development, Interactive Marketing, Communications Strategy, Rich Media Campaigns, Website Design & Development, Email Marketing, SEO Services, PPC Campaign Management, Content Management Services and Web Application Development.

Print Advertising

Big Ears Advertising have a wealth of experience when it comes to print advertising creative design, marketing mix, ad placement and campaign management, specialising in Newspapers, Buying Guides, Magazines, Catalogues, Flyers, Business Cards, Letterheads, Calendars, Cards and edge marketing concepts.

Radio Advertising

We view Radio Advertising as only part of the marketing mix as radio is about building awareness. It is what you do with that awareness that really counts. We handle all aspects of the radio campaign including voice overs and script writing.
An example of a marketing solution may be to follow up your radio campaign with a letterbox drop of your flyer or catalogue. Radio will build the awareness and create a need for your product, or services, and the flyer, or catalogue, will catch potential customers before they reach for other buying guides where you will be in competition with many others.