Pallets Sydney

Pallets Sydney

Our website, was launched in March 2012 when it became evident to us that a domain name that reflected a keyword search was being given priority by Google’s Algorithm. This has now changed and only has a marginal benefit in SEO.

Pallets Sydney is now the leading business directory in Google search when a user is searching for pallets in Sydney. Once again we have only added listings of companies that have supported our network over the years. This website has over two hundred pages in it dedicated to helping the user find exactly what type of pallet they require and what business supplies it.

The site was written in html which even today is still a far easier language for Google to read and index quickly. On this site users are able to find map location details, web addresses, email addresses, contact numbers and images of products.

We have also made it easy for them to contact us directly if they are unsure of what they want, by displaying our details on our contact page. We then convert these people to using Big Ears Free Industry Quoting Service.

Pallets Sydney is unlikely to receive a facelift whilst it is still performing highly in Google search as many of the users have told us how easy it is to use and how much they like it.