E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website design

E-commerce websites, by Hunter Valley shop online website construction and design specialists, service areas that include Newcastle, Singleton Cessnock and Maitland.

An e-commerce website design is predominately a platform, or shopfront, that people can visit, view products on offer and purchase them online. A successful e-commerce website will have a systematic sales approach, and at a bare minimum, it must follow the AIDA recipe.

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Act

Have you ever wondered why people buy from one online shop and not another? You may say it comes down to price but that is not quite true. Perception of value is the strongest marketing tool you have. Before you can create that perception of value you need to attract attention of potential customers and then generate interest in the product you are showcasing.

Once interest has been achieved the next step, (which is the hardest), is to create desire. The customer must believe that this product offers the solution they are seeking, that they can trust the product and most importantly, that they are getting great value for their hard earned dollar. When you have achieved this you then need to coerce them to act. Generally this is done by utilising a call to action. The call to action depends on what the product is. As an example;

If you are selling weight loss products then you would portray a button that says Lose Weight the Easy Way not just Click Here. If you are selling beauty products you may portray a button that says Put Your Best Face Forward  or Beauty Products That Work instead of Click Me. Obviously, what your call to action is,  has to be related to what the customer is looking for and flow from the desire that you have already created.

What differentiates Big Ears Media Group from many of the 35,000 website designers out there today is that combine our extensive marketing knowledge, our sales systems and our e-commerce website design technologies to provide you with an online shop that creates the correct perception of your business, converts more visitors to sales, and allows customers and prospective customers to find you with ease.

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