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Over the last few years companies have been heavily investing into the blogging arena. Blog writing is all about building the perception that you are a thought leader and a voice of authority in your industry. It can also have an SEO benefit through links back to your own website for further information.

A good blog writer will create interactivity with their posts by choosing topics that generate discussion. This may be through posts about a controversial issue or a topic that is “all the buzz” today or simply through an informative post that asks questions, a powerful way of encouraging discussions.

Most businesses are time poor so they often outsource this marketing strategy. Nearly every major company in the world today has a blogging team and the reason for this is because, when utilised properly, it can be highly effective. In the US some companies have been known to spend two hundred thousand dollars a month on their blogging. This sounds like a lot of money, but is well worth the investment when they make four hundred thousand dollars a month from it. When it comes to blogging, Marketing Managers realise the potential of this medium and the goal of making their text book ratio of 1:10 return on investment is thrown out the window. If they’re not doing it, their competitors are.

Many startup businesses with low marketing budgets also focus on blogging, as well as other social media platforms, as it is free marketing (if you don’t measure time). Some do it well, but many do it ineffectively.

What differentiates Big Ears Media Group from the thousands of blog writers who provide blogging content is that we can combine our extensive marketing knowledge, our sales systems and unique range of writing styles to provide blog posts that create the desired perception of your business, build authority with your brand and foster engagement with customers, leading inevitably to sales.

If you would like to find out more and hire a blog writer for a specific role, speak with one of our Hunter Valley blogging specialists on 0400 845 713.