About Us at Big Ears Media Group

About Us

Founded in January 2006

Since its inception in 2006, Big Ears Media Group Pty Ltd has launched three websites with a focus on supplying businesses within Australia with the tools and resources needed to keep a competitive market edge.

With the launch in March 2007 of our Directory, Brokerage and Referral Service, www.bigears.net.au, we have seen rapid growth for Big Ears Media Group. Our focus with this site is on capital city searches for specific products which people are seeking locally.

In September 2007 we launched a sister site to Big Ears, www.noddy.net.au. Promoted as Noddy’s Warehouse Suppliers Directory for Australia, the focus of Noddy is to target business users who already know the product they are looking for. These users are more likely to refine their searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Live and WebWombat search engines.

The more refined a search is, the more legitimate the lead. For example, if someone doesn’t understand the industry they are more likely to use one or two word searches, known as global keyphrases. These phrases are frequently used by Marketers, Research and SEO agents or generally someone trying to sell you something.

Our aim is to put Noddy on the first page of the above-mentioned search engines for all refined product searches. Our focus is on 3, 4 and 5 word key phrases.

Find out more about these sites in our Media Stable.

In 2009 Expansion Was Well On Its Way

The next phase of our growth was to start developing websites for other companies. We called them Lead Generation Websites as they were developed to obtain a high profile positioning within Google Search for the products and/or services that they related to.

Big Ears Media Group Is Still Evolving

We still have a long way to go to be an industry leader but the baby steps we have been taking have made growth easy due to the solid infrastructure that we have created.

Since our inception our customers have been impressed by our success and the success they have achieved through us. We constantly strive to achieve more but none of this would be possible without the initial support from our key clients.